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Solution Saddles Smart AirLink for Air Vests

Solution Saddles Smart AirLink for Air Vests


The SMART™ AirLink can be used to quickly and easily attach your Air Jacket lanyard to your SMART™ saddle. Simply clip the strap between the front D-rings and loop the lanyard through the metal centerpiece.

Made from strong triple layered nylon webbing, the SMART™ AirLink connects your air jacket to your saddle via 2 x heavy duty clips. The combined strength of the reinforced SMART™ D-rings, the strong metal clips and the triple layered nylon webbing ensure that your Air Jacket is securely connected to the saddle and can withstand the force of the Air Jacket inflating.

As well as using the SMART™ AirLink to attach your Air Jacket, it can also be used as a balance strap. It can be quickly and easily removed from the saddle as required.

SAFETY: Avoid attaching any straps to SMART™ stirrup bars.

The unique stirrup bar attachment of SMART™ saddles is designed to withstand substantial vertical force, such as the weight applied into the stirrup by the rider. In normal use, the stirrup hanger remains flat against the saddle flap, supported by the stop placed in front of it. We advise against the use of any attachment to the hanger that may cause it to be lifted or pulled forward. Balance straps should never be attached to the stirrup hanger. Incorrect use of an attachment to the stirrup bar can cause it to lift, twist and tilt.

Disclaimer: The SMART™ AirLink has been designed to allow you to use your air jacket safely with your SMART™ saddle. The AirLink has not been tested by any of the air jacket manufacturers.

Please check the strap regularly for wear and tear and send back with vest for servicing when applicable to be checked.

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