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Loose Ring Waterford Snaffle 5" - Clearance

Loose Ring Waterford Snaffle 5" - Clearance

£20.75 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price

This bit has a chain type mouthpiece made up of ball shaped links.  The bit is flopping and mobile in every way, and completely moveable in all directions.

The Waterford mouthpiece has proved to be one of the most popular bits for bitting problems, such as leaning, taking hold of the bit or setting the jaw.  If a horse tries to lean or take hold of the bit, the Waterford mouthpiece collapses.  The horse has nothing to take hold of, so is then encouraged to work off their quarters, rather than relying on the bit to lean on.

The bit has several joints and the pressure of the mouthpiece is thus distributed over the tongue as well as the bars. Although this bit may look severe (and can be used in a sawing motion by the rider), this is really quite a mild bit, and due to its mobility, it is generally suitable for any breed of horse and mouth confirmation.

The Waterford mouthpiece should be worn 1/4" to1/2" longer than any other mouthpiece as it needs to curl slightly around the lips to enable the bit to work to its full potential.

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