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Book a Bitting Consultation


Elaine can visit you at your premises or, with the sophistication of technology, provide advise remotely.

Travel to you is charged at 50p per mile round trip and shared between however many horses are booked in the same trip.

Please contact Elaine initially to discuss your requirements.  Clinics, talks and demonstrations can also be arranged.

  • Bitting Consultation Format

    A consultation on-site can take about an hour but please allow longer as necessary.

    Elaine will want to see you ride your horse in it's current tack initally and will then discuss with you what she sees and how to proceed from there.

    It is recommended that your horse has been checked physically (teeth, back, saddle fit etc) and that Elaine is aware of any known issues that may be affecting the horse's behaviour.

    Changes will be made in agreement with you until a point is arrived at where you, your horse and Elaine feel you can continue to work on improvements made in the session.

    Please remember that a change in bit or tack cannot produce a schooled horse, but only improve the comminucation between you both to enjoy more and be safer in what you do together.

    Bits and other items of tack used can be purchased on the day.  Please see our separate Bit Hire Terms.

  • Bit Hire Terms

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